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I Love You, Man

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Men have always played a pivotal role in weddings—from the groom (duh!) to the father to the brother, there’s always a special guy to consider. Here are some things you can do to help make them feel appreciated at your wedding:

Father of the Bride: We know you’ve got the father-daughter dance down, but here’s a thought: Give a toast to your dad for giving you away and remind him that you’ll always be his little girl. It’ll mean more to him than you know to reach out with your love in front of your new husband, friends and family.

For those whose fathers have passed, it can be extremely hard to face your wedding day without dad. Honor him with a “memory chair” that serves as a memorial and holds a picture of the two of you and your favorite flowers. This way, your dad is there to join you on your big day even in spirit.

Stepfather of the Bride: An easy way to honor a stepfather in your ceremony is to have him walk you down the aisle. Have stepdad walk you halfway and then hand you off to your father, who can then hand you off to your groom. This helps him see that you haven’t forgotten him on your special day.

Grandfather(s): If your grandparents are able to make it to your big day, consider yourself a lucky gal. Honoring your grandfather on that day can show him how much having him there really means to you. Blow up a picture from his wedding to your grandmother and feature it at the reception. A more common practice is to give him a boutonniere like those of the wedding party so that he knows he’s an honored guest.

Brother(s): A brother is the perfect person to serve as best man or a groomsman. Having him stand beside your hubby makes the most sense since, traditionally, close siblings are usually asked to be part of the wedding party. If you’re not interested in keeping it customary, ask him to help out as usher. He’ll likely know who all of the guests are and could be a great help when it comes to seating.

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