March 2010

What is a Locavore?


What is a Locavore?

When I first came to Central Florida, about five years ago, not many people seemed to know about organic food and it was hard to find. Years earlier, as a college student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, I earned spending money in the local Wild Oats Market slinging tofu salads and squeezing wheat grass shots at the deli counter. It wasn't until I moved on to New Orleans, and later New York, that I realized I had taken that healthy lifestyle for granted. It was truly a Western hippie thing, I guess. I'm not sure how it happened, (perhaps due to the growing national green movement, Michael Pollan, global warming, Al Gore, etc.) but it seems like in the last couple of years, Orlando has had a boom of vegetarian and vegan (no animal products including eggs, cheese and honey)...

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