July 2011


The Sad End of a Saga

    "Once upon a time..." No, I can't begin this story that way since it could never end with, "... and they lived happily ever after."    It was three years ago when we heard the news that an attractive, young woman named Casey Anthony claimed that her 2-year-old daughter had been kidnapped 31 days before she told anyone about it. The public’s reaction to Casey’s story was nearly universal–total disbelief: Why would a mother not notify police immediately after her child was abducted? Because of the shocking nature of the story, the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony and the subsequent first-degree murder charge against her mother made headlines everywhere, and Casey soon became one of the most vilified persons in the free world.    In the mid-1990s, we watched the...

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A Farewell to ‘Marinade’ Dave

 Dear Readers:     “Marinade” Dave has been blogging on this site for 10 weeks while on special assignment to cover the Casey Anthony trial for Orlando magazine. From jury selection to opening arguments to the reading of the verdicts he offered unique perspectives about the case.    On Monday, Dave will post his final blog here, sharing some thoughts and observations about the 3-year-old saga that culminated with Casey being acquitted in the death of her daughter..    When I hired Dave to blog about the trial, I told him he would be paid for up to four blogs per week. Therefore, I did not expect him to attend every day of the proceedings, which ran six days a week for nearly eight weeks..    Dave missed two days, both due to exhaustion..    His days began at 8 and...

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Q&A With Dave on Thursday

 Dear Readers:     After Casey Anthony is sentenced on Thursday, “Marinade” Dave will be available for a one-on-one with you from 2-10 p.m. EDT.  Just post your questions or comments below here and Dave will get to them ASAP.    In the meantime, please continue posting your comments to Dave’s blogs on this site.Thank you,Mike Boslet,EditorEDITOR'S NOTE: Dave would prefer that questions/comment focus on the Casey Anthony trial. Questions about impending legal matters related to Casey are outside the scope of this blog. Please keep questions/comments as brief as possible. He cannot address several questions in one post.

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Dumbfounded, With Prejudice

    "But I have faith that the jury of seven women and five men will not forget Caylee during their deliberations. The little girl will get justice, of that I am certain."    - From "Justice Didn't Take a Holiday," my blog on July Fourth    When Cheney Mason joined Casey Anthony's defense team in March of 2010, he proclaimed that the day would come when "we will walk out of here with Casey in arm." He was that confident she would be acquitted.    Yeah, right, was the collective reaction to his comment.    The jury Tuesday made a liar out of all of us who doubted him. On the count of murder in the first degree: NOT GUILTY On the count of aggravated manslaughter: NOT GUILTY On the count of aggravated child abuse: NOT GUILTY     Casey was found guilty of four counts of...

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Justice Didn’t Take a Holiday

    Sitting in court today, I found it ironic and so apropos that the fate of Casey Anthony was delivered into the hands of a jury of her peers on Independence Day. For nearly three years she has been afforded the presumption of innocence while the murder case against her slowly inched through our legal system. She has had the luxury of being ensnared by a judicial system that seeks to ensure a defendant's right to a fair trial.    It can be such a long process that many of us, me included, feel the victim is often forgotten, or at least minimizedwhile the accused receives every courtesy our Constitution affords him or her. For that, Casey Anthony should thank her lucky stars she had her day in court on American soil. But I have faith that the jury of seven women and five men will...

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