January 2013

Sweatin' for the Dress


Sweatin' for the Dress

Many brides try to shed a few pounds before their big day to look their best in their wedding dress. However, not every pound-dropping trend is a good idea. So before you say yes on that day, here are other tips to say yes – and no – to. Say YES H2O There’s a bad bridal habit trending: not drinking water for 24-36 hours before the big day so that you don’t carry as much water weight, and therefore look skinnier. But even though you may lose water weight, your face might end up looking malnourished. Think emaciated (but still droolworthy) Hugh Jackman in Les Mis. Not good, not healthy. Denying yourself water can also negatively alter your mood and energy levels. Drinking eight glasses a day can actually help reduce bloating, according to the Mayo...

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Rev Up Your Reception with Recreation


Rev Up Your Reception with Recreation

Traditionally, wedding games are reserved for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Recently, however, adding entertainment and fun activities to the wedding reception has become a growing trend. You know your guest list better than anyone, so try to assess what will be the most fun for your special guests before you choose your games. If you have a mostly young or sociable guest list, high-participation contests will work well; if you have an older, more conservative guest list, giveaways might be a better fit. Here are some great ways to get your guests excited and involved:  The Newlywed Game: The bride and groom sit facing opposite of each other holding color coded ping pong paddles (e.g. pink for her and blue for him). The best man and maid of honor should prepare...

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